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Dancing paths and floors

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I love the idea of spontaneous gestures set as lasting forms to animate living spaces. My brother Tom inspires me to work directly into terracotta to make tiles for pathways and floors. Tiles could be ‘green’ (soft, unfired) and engraved as well as painted. I can work by eye and memory from drawings.

Barara Cuckson writes:

I’m trying to analyse why I see your ‘dance movement scripts’ in a ceramics medium.
Do you think:
It’s the mind’s memory of images of ancient dancers, and their documentation recorded in hieroglyphics on walls like ghosts for eternity? A messageĀ  from antiquity that is still the same now, the soul being timeless.
Paper and ink is a transitory medium, and although the movement itself is transitory, the movement is also timeless. Ceramics seems to me to represent the definition of the person within its environment, like a fossil in stone, a moment in time.
You capture the essence of the breath in a dance movement, that is, where it has come from, and where it is going, that is amazing. But you also capture a personal description of the dancer, along with those movements that you pare down to essential elements only. It is an extraordinary gift…

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