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Impressed by Nature

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I receive notice of the exhibition Impressed by Nature.

Images from the exhibition inspire thoughts of impressions that leaves in my garden are making in the pouring rain. Leaves on trees are heavy with water and those that have fallen drift lightly over puddles.

I find ‘10 things I have learned about the sea’:

ten things i have learned about the sea from lorenzo fonda on Vimeo.


Prism display: Sea levels are rising

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The prism that I bought at a garage sale continues life as an exhibition space in the front garden of our house in Newtown, Sydney. Sea levels are rising, with diatoms (engraved fluorescent Perspex plates bound with steel screws) is the current exhibit. Climate change data from the CSIRO is combined with drawings of diatoms that are made to resemble human forms. See animated data of sea levels rising.

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