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Lab note 01

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Drawing Movement

Drawing Movement

Since starting to read the book Experimental Methods: An introduction to the analysis and presentation of data by scientist Les Kirup (1994), I am inspired to begin a Research Lab notebook .

As I start using the scientific format to report on an experiment I am doing with Daniela Giorgi, I suspect there will be room for jokes!

Date: 2011-06-02

Title: How methods used by a theatre producer and an animator can be combined to present an academic paper.

Aims of the experiment:
1. Describe methods used by a theatre producer and an animator
2. Identify their similarities and differences
3. Identify any new methods that result from their collaboration

Description of the apparatus:

Sketch of apparatus:

Experimental method:






Good circulation is essential for Well Being

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Message from Chris Freemantle:

Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2011 08:44:28 +0000
From: Chris Fremantle
Subject: [Yasmin_an] Fwd: Call for Papers: Shorelines: A one day
international symposium exploring place, creativity and wellbeing

Dear all

Please circulate through your networks. We’re delighted to announce
that distinguished psychiatrist/writer/neuroscientist Iain McGilchrist
(author of The Master and his Emissary: the divided brain and the
making of the modern world) and internationally renowned land artist
Chris Drury will be keynote speakers at this symposium.


Shorelines: A one day international symposium exploring place,
creativity and wellbeing Date : Tuesday 15th November 2011

Organisers : School of Creative and Cultural Industries, University of
the West of Scotland in conjunction with University of Wales Institute
Cardiff and South Ayrshire Council Museums and Galleries

Venue : The Maclaurin Galleries, Ayr, Scotland

Keynote Speakers:
Iain McGilchrist, Psychiatrist, writer, author of The Master and His
Emissary: the Divided Brain and the Making of the Modern World Chris
Drury, Land Artist

Shorelines: place, creativity and wellbeing

This one day academic symposium, to be held at the Maclaurin Galleries,
Ayr, Scotland, will explore interconnections between creative spaces or
locations and physical and emotional wellbeing. It will seek to bring
together a multidisciplinary audience of researchers, academics and
arts practitioners to present cutting edge research in their fields, to
foster discussion and further understanding about the significance of
place in the creative process and its potential to enhance the quality
of human experience.

Academic paper and visual presentations are invited to address the
themes of the symposium, which are as follows:

Place: Stimulating locations, creative spaces, geographical inspiration
Creativity: creative process in the visual arts, music, literature,
poetry and drama with focus on stimulation, inspiration, innovation and
cognition related to physical spaces and location
Wellbeing: physical and mental health and connections with creative
process and physical location, spaces or places.

We would welcome contributions from practitioners and researchers from
diverse disciplines including the arts, architecture, psychology,
health, environmental aesthetics, philosophy and education.

Contributions to the symposium may be made in the form of academic
papers and/or illustrated presentations.

We are now inviting the submission of abstracts in response to the
above themes. Abstracts of 300 words max.

Submissions which do not address at least one of the symposium themes
will not be considered.

Authors of selected abstracts will be invited to submit full papers of
3,000 words max for peer review. Papers selected for presentation at
the symposium will be published online.

Abstracts should be copied and pasted into the body of the email,
marked as ‘Shorelines abstract’ in the subject header and sent to: Dr.
Cathy Treadaway

4th March 2011 Submission of abstracts open
21st April 2011 Submission of abstracts ends
30 April 2011 Notification of acceptance of abstracts
12th August 2011 Submission of full papers for peer review
30th September 2011 Confirmation of acceptance of papers following peer

Elizabeth Kwasnik Tel: (01292)
445447 Anne Bontke Tel: (01292) 445447


Martin Kemp

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Through the Yasmin on-line forum, 11 November 2010, Vítor Reia-Baptista posts,

Just to let you know that Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon will held a cicle of Conferences under the general theme «Image in Science and Art», starting with a conference by Martin Kemp (full program down in this message).

Martin Kemp has written and broadcast extensively on imagery in art and science from the Renaissance to the present day. Leonardo da Vinci has been at the centre of this endeavour, and has been the subject of a number of his books and exhibitions, including Leonardo (Oxford University Press, 2004). His wider research has involved the sciences of optics, anatomy and natural history in various key episodes in the history of naturalism. In 1989 he published The Science of Art. Optical Themes in Western Art from Brunelleschi to Seurat (Yale University Press). Increasingly, he has focused on issues of visualization, modeling and representation. The broad thrust of more recent work is devoted to a “New History of the Visual,” which embraces the wide range of artefacts from science, technology, and the fine, applied and popular arts that have been devised to create models of nature and to articulate human relationships with the physical world. A scientific diagram or computer graphic model of a molecule is as relevant to this new history as a painting by Michelangelo. He writes a regular column on ‘Science in Culture’ in the science journal
Nature, an early selection of which has been published as Visualisations (OUP, 2000). Many of the themes of the Nature essays are developed in Seen and Unseen (OUP 2006), in which his concept of
’structural intuitions’ is explored. Forthcoming books include The Human Animal (Chicago).

Ciclo de Conferências Image in Science and Art



17 Novembro 2010 | 18.00

?Taking it on Trust? in Images of Nature

Martin Kemp


15 Dezembro 2010 | 18.00

The Problem of a Picture of an Atom

Christopher Toumey

19 Janeiro 2011| 18.00

Visiting Time: The Renegotiation of Time through Time-Based Art

Boris Groys

2 Fevereiro 2011 | 18.00

Functional Images of the Brain: Beauty, Bounty, and Beyond

Judy Illes



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